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    How To Make A Charactor


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    How To Make A Charactor

    Post  Admin. on Mon May 19, 2008 12:57 am

    You write, name:, gender:, stat:, location:, picture: .

    It is not auto automatically on here so you have to do it manually. getting the picture on is a little tricky. And if it is to hard for you I will do it for you.

    You look at all the buttons under Subject, then you click Host an image. Put you email and password into its form, then click Browse, and get a picture from you computer, if you do not have a horse picture on your computer go to Google, and switch it to Image, and look up "Horses" then right click the image and click.. "save As.." and then it will be on your computer. After this is finished click Host, then Copy Image url, MANUALLY, and then click update, then you go back to the buttons under Subject and click Image, and then paste the image url into the box and press Ok. And then send the message and it will come up.


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