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Welcome Back! Remember to post your charactors and chat with the other players! & send me more ideas for the site.(: thanks, - Admin.
Pounding Hooves

Welcome, to POUNDINGHOOVES!. We thank-you for visiting our website, and ask if you would please join!

    Please Read All New Players


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    Please Read All New Players

    Post  Admin. on Mon May 19, 2008 12:26 am

    Welcome to Pounding Hooves new players..

    To become a Mod..
    You have to prove yourself loyal with helping out and making sure other players are doing the right thing, and most importantly.. Be good at Roll Playing.

    To become an Admin...
    To become an admin you must send in 5 dollars, (real Money) Its kinda like being subscripted, but you have control over the website.

    How to Roll Play..
    Click on the title of the server you would like to join, then to create your story click on, NEWTOPIC.. And then begin to write.

    How to send mail..
    Under the main picture you see Home, ect.. Near where it says Log Out it says (example) You Have No New Messages. Click on that and your messages will appear in the Inbox, and to send mail click NEWPM, and put the persons username into the TO, box,then write your message and send.

    For Any Questions Or Help Mail Me At.. Admin.


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