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    The County Rodeo


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    The County Rodeo

    Post  PonyHorseLover on Fri Jun 06, 2008 11:16 pm

    Madalic was herded into the small pen where they saddled the wild horses the people had just brought in. Madalic's herd had been captured, and so had he, and he had been taken to the county rodeo to be a bucking bronco. They roughly saddled and bridled him, and he tried to atack them, but they hit him hard. when they were done, a rider got on him and they opened the stall to let him out. the first thing he did was rear, then he went down and started bucking. he would twirl, throw his head down and back legs up, and finally flipped onto his back and rolled over to try to dislodge the man on his back.

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