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    Skip The Puppy


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    Skip The Puppy

    Post  Admin. on Sun May 18, 2008 7:44 am

    There once was a puppy named, Skip. He was a Stray.. Because his little boy that he used to be best friends with moved away and, Skip, had gotten left behind. He currently lives in England and his boy, John. Moved to America. Skip was a lonely pup and was desperate to find, John. So, had had it all planned out.. He would go to AMERICA! So the next morning he snuck onto a plane. And a few long.. 20 hours went by.. As soon as the plane landed he ran out and was heading Straight for a bus. He remember what part of America, John, was moving to. So he snuck onto a bus and.. 12 hours later the Woman who was driving shouted "5 Minutes till Orlando, Florida." And he perked up, and KNEW, just knew.. That was where john was. And when the bus stopped... He ran out.. And the first thing he did was run the the nearest, Bush, And trash can! .. A few days of looking for, John. Went by, and when he was taking his daily walk.. He froze. Cause that second at that time he saw... JOHN! he ran over to him so happy and john BEAMED in surprised and scooped him up and they ran off together playing.. All, Day, Long.


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