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    Black Rose's Adventure


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    Black Rose's Adventure

    Post  PonyHorseLover on Wed May 21, 2008 10:04 am

    Black Rose runs as fast as she can through the forest. She is panting hard, for she had been running 3 miles. She jumps over logs, ducks under branches, all trying to get away from the humans who are trying to catch the escapee. She had climbed over the fence to get free, and she wasn't going to give it up so easily! She made a sharp turn to avoid a big rock in the path and slipped off a ledge!she was grabbing and clawing with her feet but couldn't get a foothold, and finnaly fell off the edge. after she fell, and heard hoof beats going by. she had escaped them, but could she survive the fall? she fell down, down, down, and finailly, SPLASH! falls into a rushing river! she tries her hardest to swim to the side, but it is too strong. she just tries to stay afloat while she let the river carry her away. after a short while, the river came to an end, but all she could see was sky. she was confused, for she knew there was no end of the world. she was coming apon it, and when she found out what it was, it was too late. she fell off the waterfall, and when she landed in the water below, she was very weak. she swam slowly to the shore and heaved herself onto it. what will happen to her? YOU have to finish it sunny
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