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    Spunidasha & Vincen


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    Spunidasha & Vincen

    Post  Admin. on Wed May 21, 2008 12:39 am

    “Spunidasha, go get fruits for our feast tonight.” Yells Spunidasha’s Father. “Alright” Spunidasha yells back. Spunidasha goes to the garden, and finds that some wild rabbits had eaten all the fruit, so she goes on a hunt for wild fruit. Spunidasha thinks in her taste wild fruit is better anyway because its natural. She walks over to a large, thick bush. She pushes some leafs away and looks throw the bush, something told her she needed too, and when she did she saw dozens & dozens of fresh fruit. She walks over, and while shes picking some she heres some leafs crack behind her, with a startle she thinks that it’s a White devil, and she slowly turns around being very careful, and when she turned around.. it wasn’t a a White devil “she sighs in relief” but it was a horse A Beautiful Grey Horse, she had never seen a horse like it, and for a wild horse, it didn’t look very wild. Spunidasha walked up, and slowly patted it on the nose, it COULDN’T be wild -she thought- and then she stroked his neck, he naughed out, and when he did it sounded like he naughed out.. VIINN-CCENNN, and that’s when she knew his name! From a distance she heard her father call out “Spunidasha! Hurry the feaste is starting!” She hurried and gathered the rest of the fruit then kissed Vincen on the noise and told him she would be back tomorrow. When she got to the feast everyone was already eating she looked around to see who was here and saw her father glaring at her and she knew he was saying “SPUNIDASHA! Hurry and wash the fruit and then bring them to the table and SIT DOWN!” But she didn’t care how much trouble she was in, she made a new friend! The next morning she told her dad she was going to fetch fruit to go with lunch and her dad told her NOT to be late again. When she got there Vincen was there and she throw down her basket and hugged him, then she stroked him all over, and asked him if she could ride him, and he whinnied in return, she took it as a yes and climbed onto him, -this is the tallest horse ive ever been on!- she thought. After a few minutes of enjoying the view while Vincen snacked, she got bored and squeezed by mistake, and Vincen started to run, she was scarred at first and then she got the hang of it, and after a few minutes she was like a pro! She saw a path and started to walk down it on Vincen, it kept getting darker cause the trees where thickening, like they were trying to bend down and grab her, then she saw a light at the end of the path, But when she get there it was a lantern! She heard a man pull the reins to make his horse halt and then held the lantern higher, it.. it.. was a white devil! Her eyes widen with fear and pulls Vincens mane to make him turn and and then kicked him, he started galloping faster and faster, Spunidasha was scarred, because Vincen was going very fast and she was being chased by a White Devil! She saw a small side path on the side of the trail and pulled Vincen that way, it was really narrow and they were being scrapped by branches, she began to think it wasn’t a very good idea to come down this path! She glanced back to see where the White Devil was and he was gone, he didn’t go down the narrow trail cause it was to narrow, Spunidasha sighs in relief then pulls Vincen to stop, “That was close!” said Spunidasha. She didn’t want to go back cause she knew that the white devil was still there and the narrow trail ended.. She could fit throw the trees and back to her Tribe back she wasn’t leaving Vincen, s ther was only one way.. Going back. The cautionously walked out and the White Devil was there back facing a different direction, so she snuck out with Vincen, not taking an eye off the White Devil, then when they where far enough not for the White Devil to hear their steps they cantered off, she left Vincen in the Fruit Hide-out and then ran back to her tribe. When she went in her hut her dad yelled at her, “SPUNIDASHA! ONE HOUR LATE IS UNEXEPTABLE!” She told him, “I got lost im sorry!” Her dad says, “Lost? How could you get lost we’ve lived here for 12 years!” she says, “I went down the wrong path!” Her dad shakes his head, and is very disappointed in her. The next morning she was really mad at her dad, so she woke up early and ran to the fruit hide-out. When she got there, Vincen was eating an apple, And she hugged him then hoped on, she cantered off onto a new trail, and was hoping there were no White Devils. But when she was all the way down the path the White Devil from yesterday was there! She gasps with fear and then pulls right then kicks Vincen, but behind her where more, she gallops around them and glances behind to see if they where still there and then when she looked forward again BANG. She hears pounding from Vincen falling and she falls to, then the White Devils throw ropes on Vincens legs, and Spunidasha would run for help but she wasn’t leaving Vincen, she couldn’t. they grabbed Spunidasha too, and drag them both off, and then they throw them both in a metal cage, She crawls over to Vincen crying and saying sorry, she saw a bucket of mercy old water get throw into the cage and she grabs it and gives it to Vincen.. Then they both went to sleep. The next morning Spunidasha found the key left into the door, but she could ge her hands through the wire, but then she crawls over to Vincen sleeping and grabs to bucket, then takes the wire handle off and sticks it through. The door was open and the guard was gone, perfect! She woke Vincen up and jumped on then they galloped off, back to the tribe safe and sound.

    The End
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